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No Scorpions in Alaska Posts

Strawberry Cake Balls – with brandy!

I plan to fill you in on all of the craziness of this week — but not today.  I hope to tide you over with this wonderful recipe. I dearly love sweets so I couldn’t help but share this funness (yes, I know it’s not a word) with you.  Hope…


Weekend Pursuit: Storage, Doors, Purse, Dog Food

…in that order. Last weekend’s mission: 1)  Get a [very temporary] storage unit to call our very own. 2)  Buy a new front door (current one has a crack all of the way up it) and new back door (current one is hideous and partly broken). 3)  Get a new…

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4:11, You Came Way Too Soon

At 4:11am, my youngest offspring decides it’s time to get up. “Nonnie, I go downstairs now” he says. (Yes, half the time I’m “nonnie” and half the time I’m Mommy) Um… no, you stay in bed. “NEVER!”, he exclaims as he punches the air sideways in front of his belly…

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Scorpions? Alaska? …what?

You heard me right. There are no. Scorpions. In. Alaska.  But there are many scorpions in Oklahoma. Have you ever been to Alaska?  I have…twice.  The beauty of it takes my breath away.  I’ve seen glaciers, bears, moose, baby moose (a calf), whales, and that’s just to name a few.…

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