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Bonnie WebsterOh, hey!

Up until July 31st of 2014, basically the only home I knew was Oklahoma.  We heard the wilderness and adventure of Alaska calling to us and couldn’t resist any longer.  Pregnant and probably slightly crazy, we decided hey sure, let’s just sell our house, live in a travel trailer for a month and move 3900 miles to Alaska…. why not!  So that’s what we did.






I am married to a wonderful man whom I am proud to call husband; I’m not sure why he has put up with me all of these years and I surely do not deserve him.  I’m not perfect… but he is, so it works out well.



We have 3 little monsters who drive me absolutely up the wall on a daily basis.  But wouldn’t you know, I love the heck out of them and they are our world.  I think any mom with boys can agree that life with boys is not always easy but it is definitely worth the challenge. (At least that’s what I tell myself everyday)










Dixie Puppycat.  Or Dixie Pineapple.  Or DeeDee… it really depends on the day (and the child).





I used to work part time at a wonderful non-profit in Tulsa called Up With Trees. back when we were still in Tulsa and I loved it!  I still adore the people of that organization.  But now that we are in Alaska, I currently “just” stay home with the kids (as if that job were easy) and I love to take pictures.  Some days being home with the kids, I want to pull out all of my hair… but most days it’s just wonderful!

I love to write.  I hate scorpions.  I love to bake.  I hate humidity.  I love to waste time on Pinterest.  I hate wasting time waiting in traffic.  I love to take pictures.  I hate to take off ticks! (YUCK)  I love to learn new things.  I love-hate Downton Abbey.

Alaska circa 2007!


It has been the dream of both hubby and myself to live in the beautiful, far away, northern, exquisite land that is called Alaska.  And somehow we have finally made that dream come true! This is the journey of my life now in Alaska. We have settled down finally in Juneau, Alaska’s capital city. Some days you may find me reminiscing about the days spent in Oklahoma because I have my beloved family and some wonderful friends there. But most days are about finding my place here in this new and so beautiful land.





So do me a favor… if you’re still here.  Grab some coffee, make some comments, and please FOR THE LOVE OF PETE if you go by Andolini’s Pizza in Tulsa, overnight a large pizza to me.  I’ll take Pepperoni, please.

Welcome To Alaska


  1. Annette Annette

    So cute love your stories!

    • Thank you Annette! Thanks for reading them!

  2. Grace McGee Grace McGee

    You really have a great gift for writing. I really enjoyed your article about Juneau. My husband and our two daughters lived there for 19 years and loved it. Thank you for bringing back so many lovely memories that are Juneau. The one thing that I feel you forgot was the Alaska state bird, the notorious mosquitos – oh and the pesky noseeums. Enjoy your stay there in Juneau.

    • Wow, thank you for the compliment! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I’ve always loved to write and have dreamed about being able to share it with as many people as possible. Oh yes, how could I forget?! I’m sure the topic of the “state bird” will come up in the very near future… nobody realizes those bites itch for days/weeks!!

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