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How Boring is Juneau?

Oh, that burning question!

We’ve been here in Juneau for almost 4 months now… so seriously, how boring can this place be?

Is Living in Juneau really boringIt’s May and summer is quickly approaching, although some may say it’s already here.  We’ve been having long days of sunlight (when it’s not raining) and the temps have actually gotten up to 60.  I’m still amazed when I look outside at 10pm and it’s still slightly light out there.  We gain 6 minutes more of sunlight everyday until the Summer Solstice – which I believe is June 21st – which is the longest day of the year.  The morning sun is throwing off my sleeping just a bit but I can’t say I mind, especially since the sun is so scarce in the winter time.

So really, how boring can this place be?  What is there to do?

Porcupine in Juneau AlaskaGawk at the amazing wildlife (Porcupine)?

Watching boats go by in Juneau AlaskaWatching boats go by on beautiful, partly cloudy days?

Weekend hike in Juneau AlaskaBraving new trails while soaking up the gloriously sunny days, trying to look peaceful and genuinely enjoying yourself while the children attempt to spark World War III in the background?

Watching a sunset in Juneau AlaskaParking the truck, curling up in the bed with a chair and a blanket and enjoying the sun set?

Finding unique places to sit in Juneau AlaskaFinding unique places to sit down for a little break?

Moon and sun at 5am in Juneau AlaskaWatching the moon and sun at 5am because it’s so bright outside you can’t sleep, too early to get the kids up, too late to sleep any longer even if you wanted to?

Old car on walking path in Juneau AlaskaFinding old, old  cars on hiking paths and stopping to admire it?

Juneau Maritime Festival 2015Pretending to be a tourist, attending the Juneau Maritime Festival, taking pictures of downtown?

Watching the Tide come in in Juneau AlaskaWatching the tide come in?

Eagle Beach Juneau Alaska while babywearing in TulaWearing your baby in your Tula on Eagle Beach, standing in the water and enjoying the 60 degree weather and gorgeous scenery?

If you detest doing all of the above things, then living here is super boring and definitely not for you.  But if you think it sounds amazing…then get up off your rear-end and move here already!  The weather can be rather persnickety and some summers are all rain and no sun but I’m hoping that won’t be the case for our first real summer in Alaska.  Because  I’m really looking forward to fishing, whale watching, and trying to not get eaten by bears in the very near future in this place that I now call “home”.

Stay tuned for the next blog post [but please don’t hold your breath because I promise you will die waiting.]

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