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Dreaming…….and what to do with the cat?


In the midst of dreaming of the not-so-distant future and all of its possibilities, what new adventures we will have as a family, how I can reinvent myself, where we will live, where will we worship — I have to snap back to reality in order to have the future we desire.  I think that’s the hardest part.  Carrying on with regular life until every task and item is completed that will make bring our new future from possibility to reality.  Mundane tasks must still be done.  Bills must be paid.  Kids and animals must be fed.  Laundry must be washed and folded.  House must be clean.   Kids must be kids.  Work must go on. Dogs must eat vomit….oh, yeah, just wait for that one.

Last weekend we worked our buns off doing improvements around the house.  The hubs and I were able to strip an entire room of wallpaper even amongst wild kids running around and under our feet.  It was my first time stripping (ha) and it felt like more fun than work.  Stripping is more fun when you’re not alone.  (Sorry, I just can’t quit the wordplay here!)  But I’ve got to say, whoever had the  STUPID idea to make an entire room out of wallpaper should be kicked in the teeth. Ridic.

In other news, I’ve been trying to pawn my cat onto my mum.  She is a cat-lover by nature and already has 2 cats.  (Both of whom she received from me, by the way.)  Let’s face it, having 3 cats is a lot of poop to scoop.  I recently learned that my older-but-not-oldest brother has 6 cats.  If he were a she, I might have to call him the Crazy Cat Lady!  I wonder if he wants a 7th…..?  Yes?  Because after all, what’s just one more cat when you already have 6?!  I wonder what would happen if I sneaked into his house and just dumped the cat off?  Would he even notice?  Maybe he would think he was going crazy.   How do you get all 7 cats into one room to count them? How could he prove it was me? (Other than this semi-confession here that the entire world can read.)  It could be funny.  Brother of mine, call me!  Let’s chat about this.

I’ll leave you with some parting words of the week:

Declan: What are you doing on the be-puter?
Me: I’m enrolling you in school.
Declan: You rolling me up? Why you rolling me up?

Me: Daddy went on a trip.
Declan: In a tree?
Me: On a trip!
Declan: On a trip in a tree?
Me: On a trip!!
Declan: No he outside in a tree.

He’d better not be outside in a tree because he told me he was going on a trip!!!

Declan: Mommy I got a silly problem!
Me: A silly problem?
Declan: I was getting My brink from the fridgerater and I pilled Max’s brink. Hurry hurry it’s a bemergency!!

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