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4:11, You Came Way Too Soon

At 4:11am, my youngest offspring decides it’s time to get up. “Nonnie, I go downstairs now” he says. (Yes, half the time I’m “nonnie” and half the time I’m Mommy) Um… no, you stay in bed. “NEVER!”, he exclaims as he punches the air sideways in front of his belly and plants his feet squarely on the ground. Well now, dramatic pirate boy. I’ll see your “never” and raise it a “spanking”! I do the usual stuff — you know, lay him back in bed, pat him, hug him, kiss him, “Nonnie” loves him, cover him up, tell him Santa won’t bring him presents if he doesn’t go back to sleep right this instant, etc, and go lay my little head back on my fluffy pillow and try to sleep. No sooner than I do this, he gets up a second time. Then a third time, along with a newfound wheezy cough, so no one was going to get any sleep at that point.

How can you resist this face?
How can you resist this face?

Ok wheezy boy, down the stairs we trek so you can have a breathing treatment and I can proceed with my morning routine. (an hour before anyone in their right mind is awake) Being the good mommy I am, I also give him milk and a bagel, then turn on “Jake and The Neverland Pirates” so he can learn more how about to act like a pirate and I can get a non-interrupted shower….Argggggh, matey!

Then I did what any sane person would do and hopped online to work on my blog since I was ready to leave the house an hour before we actually had to go.

He sleeps on the way to school/work while I have to force paperclips into my eyes keep me from driving off the road during the long morning drive into town.  How’s that for fair?  If I could drink gobs of coffee, I would be guzzling it right about now… *yawn*….

In other news, my Magic Eraser magically erased the paint from my walls.  Fail.


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